Serviced Office Space in Worcester

If you are looking for an office in Worcester to rent on a slightly longer term basis than a day or two, please do get in touch. We have professional adults coming and going from our offices throughout the day which means you have a warm and welcoming environment from which to operate without the loneliness of being stuck in your own place with no office support. We include our reception service so when you have clients visiting they get the full treatment in terms of welcome and advising you of their arrival. We also include use of our lounge and kitchen facilities as well as fast wi-fi for all your computing needs.

Prices for serviced offices

For rentals of 1 month or more we offer 20% discount on our price list, PLUS free drinks all day for you and your visiting customers. For example, a private serviced office to take 3 people very comfortably the price would be :

  • Room rental (band C) = £100/day = £500/week
  • Less :- Discount 20% = -£100/week
  • Reception Service = £10/day = £50/week
  • Drinks typically = £18/day = £90/week = FREE
  • Total £450/week all inclusive (nothing else to pay)
  • Equivalent to £150/desk/week or £650/desk/month

Our prices are comparable with the big anonymous business centres, but MUCH nicer. We offer a very friendly personal environment where everyone knows everyone on first name terms. If you want an 'instant office' to look like you have been settled here for years, you can't get better than Kingsway Business Centre! Everyone gets the wrap-around Kingsway service, including your visitors, so you are more relaxed and can be more successful. We take care of all the office hassles like maintenance, paying the bills etc, leaving you to focus on doing what you do best.

Please note : Due to the nature of the business of the owners of the building, there is currently no VAT charged on any rentals or ancillary services. Should this situation change we reserve the right to add VAT at the current rate.

Please contact us for more information using the contact form.

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