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Max No.







Area m2


Area ft2










A 15 10.6 m 5.2 m 55.1 sqm 593 sqf 1st No £140 £230 1
A 15 9.7 m* 9.0 m* 66.3sqm 714 sqf 1st No £140 £230 3*
B 10 6.7 m 4.9 m 32.8 sqm 353 sqf 2nd Yes £80 £130 9
C 6 5.5 m 3.6 m 19.8 sqm 213 sqf 1st No £60 £100 2
C 6 5.0 m 3.3 m 16.5 sqm 178 sqf 2nd No £60 £100 5
C 6 4.6 m 3.7 m 17.0 sqm 183 sqf 2nd No £60 £100 7
C 6 4.7 m 3.9 m 18.3 sqm 197 sqf 2nd No £60 £100 8
C 6 4.5 m 4.4 m 19.8 sqm 213 sqf GF Yes £60 £100 11
D 4 4.7 m 3.5 m 16.4 sqm 177 sqf 2nd No £40 £70 10
E 2 3.6 m 3.1 m 11.1 sqm 119 sqf 2nd No £30 £50 4
E 2 3.8 m 2.7 m 10.3 sqm 111 sqf 2nd No £30 £50 6

* Room 3 is L-shaped with maximum dimensions as shown. Main area 9.7m x 4.5m. Secondary area 4.9m x 4.2m.

General Notes

  1. Prices include use of the common area (lounge and kitchen / internet café) for breaks
  2. Half-day from 08h30-13h00 or 13h00-17h30 / Full-day from 08h30-17h30
  3. Access to the building is available from 08h00 and everyone must have left the building by 18h00 (17h30 on Fridays)
  4. All rooms have large flat panel computer screen with internet access / Rooms 1 and 3 have ceiling mounted data projectors
  5. All rooms have unlimited Wi-Fi with approx 30MB/s download speed
  6. Filtered water from our machine is free of charge, however we charge for tea, coffee, chocolate, canned drinks and fruit juice (see below)
  7. For logistical reasons all food and beverages must be consumed in the common area on the ground floor. Water is permitted in meeting rooms
  8. Please read our Terms & Conditions before making a booking. We have some simple rules to be fair to everyone.


  1. Unlimited tea /coffee / juice served in common area per person per half-day : £4.00
  2. Unlimited tea /coffee / juice served in common area per person per full-day : £6.00
  3. Buffet lunch (served in common area on ground floor only) £12.50 per person (min 8 persons)
  4. Alternative lunch : there are various pubs, restaurants and cafes within a few minutes' walk if you prefer to go out.

Car Parking

One car parking space may be available per booking customer for the purposes of servicing rooms with materials etc. This is subject to availability and is not guaranteed as it depends on the overall demand for places on the day. There is on-street parking to the front of the building in Foregate Street, limited to 45 minutes. This is usually ample for dropping off and picking up materials. There are several public car parks in the area. Please see for more information. For your satnav the post codes are :

  1. 40 Foregate Street - front of building - WR1 1EE
  2. Farrier Street - one parking place only - WR1 3BH

Public Transport

We are located 200 metres north of Worcester Foregate Street train station - approximately 2 minutes' walk. We are located 800 metres from the CrownGate Bus Station and some buses drop off outside the train station on their way through. Arriving by public transport is very easy and efficient if you have delegates arriving from afar.


Photocopying/printing service is available from reception at a charge of £0.05 for monochrome or £0.10 for colour A4, or £0.10 monochrome / £0.20 colour for A3. Please speak to Kathy or Emma in the front office for help.

Storage and Security

There is no secure storage in the building and none of the internal doors are lockable, so please make provision to safeguard or take your valuables with you if you leave your room. If you are renting a room over several days you are welcome to leave your belongings in your room overnight at your own risk

Wheelchair Access

Wheelchair Access is available from the Farrier Street entrance. Only Room 11 (6 persons max), plus toilets and public rooms are accessible to wheelchair users. All other rooms are on 1st or 2nd floor with stair access only.


Due to the nature of the business of the owners of the building, there is currently no VAT charged on any rentals or ancillary services. Should this situation change we reserve the right to add VAT at the current rate.

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Kingsway English Centre in 1960

Kingsway English Centre in 2014